Thursday, 18 August 2011

The great t-shirt compromise

The dilemma- my son is a hoarder and never wants to get rid of nothing ever! And slowly but surely his wardrobe was filling up on t-shirts that were far too small for my son but he was not willing to let them go not for love nor money, he was adamant on keeping every last one of them and I was most certainly not keen on the idea of storing them as we are so short on space already. Just the mere mention of downsizing some of his belongings starts a huge tantrum with words along the lines of ‘You don’t care about me or my stuff.....’ so on and so on, if you have a teenager you know what I mean.  I racked my brain for ages as well as begging and pleading with my son. Eventually a light came on and I had the solution!

The compromise- a t-shirt throw! He gets to keep his much loved t-shirts and I get to clear his wardrobe- perfect.
The construction- I grabbed my son’s vast pile of t-shirts

Ironed them all out, great fun as we all love extra ironing!

Then marked out rectangles on the t-shirts measuring 45x32cm. Trying to keep any patterns on the t-shirt within the rectangle. Then cut them out through both front and back of the t-shirt so I had two rectangles out of one t-shirt.

Then it was time for sewing. I sewed 5 rectangles together along there length using a simple running stitch on the sewing machine. I repeated this until I had three strips of five rectangles as shown in the pic below.

Then using an iron I pressed open the seams, and then run it through the sewing machine on a zig zag stitch.

I then sewed my 3 strips together, and repeated the pressing open the seams and the zig zag stitch.

Now it was time for my edges, I simply folded and pressed the over with an iron and again run the hem through the sewing machine on a zig zag stitch.

And viola a t-shirt throw!

Ohhh yeah did I forget to mention that this did by no means resolve my sons hoarding problem? As he now reasons with me that there is method to his madness and he is now saving his t-shirts for matching curtains! Oh dear what have I started.
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  1. I really like the idea! Oh if I just have a sewing machine...oh well!

  2. Yeah, curtains....and don't forget the pillows!

  3. Thank you, he has saved a speacial t-shirt for a cushion cover!