Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Boobie pads!

As every mother knows just after having a baby and while breast feeding, you go through a whole load of breast pads. I found the disposable ones to be costly and rather quite uncomfortable and sweaty. Browsing through the net I stumbled on tutorials for washable breast pads and thought I’d give’em a whirl and found them to be great! Not sure how well they’d hold up in the early heavy leaking days, but they certainly worked a treat after the leaking had settled during breastfeeding, and during the weaning off time. After trawling through many tutes on the net, this is the way I went about making them, the easy way!
You want around 5 or 6 layers of flannel fabric, I used an old bed sheet that was starting to look a bit grubby (after washes obviously!) and faded, I used this technique of mine to reduce the Bobbles on the fabric. I saw no need for them to be made in the prettiest of fabrics as I am the only one to see them.

  Grab a mug and start drawing out your circles.

Now it’s time to cut out your circles. As you can see by the photo I just cut through all 5 layers at once so I didn’t need to be playing about after with counting and piling the circles.

And whizz them through your overlocker.

Cut of the lose threads and jobs a gooden you have your boobie pads!

How many pairs you make is entirely up to you I guess you can’t have too many the more you have the less stressing about getting them washed and dried quick enough.
Now if you want to go a little further with your pads some tutes suggest adding a layer of pretty fabric, but again I didn’t see the point, who else really wants to see your breast pads?! And other tutes suggest a layer of waterproof backing or lining, which could be good in those heavier leaking days?  But others strongly advise against this due to it possibly causing clogged ducts and mastitis. It’s all down to personal preference; I chose not to have a waterproof back as I didn’t want the original problem of sweaty nipples.
And that’s it for my second tutorial. Questions, comments and criticisms are always welcome!
Good night from me x

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