Friday, 5 August 2011

First post!

Wow my first real post! I guess the best place to start is to introduce myself and tell you a little about me........................ I’m Clair, I’m a newlywed and mother of 2 beautiful boys my eldest is 13 years old and my youngest is 9 weeks old (just a little gap!). I have always had a love for art and craft of all kinds. From little my bedroom floor was always covered in cut up pieces of paper and pencils then in my teens it became scraps of fabric and safety pins as I began altering clothes so they don’t look so mainstream. I had made the odd bits and pieces for my eldest boy as he was growing. But my passion for it all really strongly came out when I was getting married, I wanted to hand make as much as I possibly could and I did- from the invites to the decorations to the bouquets and even my dress! With a whole lot of help from my amazing and crafty family, Ohhh maybe at some point I should do a wedding post?????

Sneaky peek of dress before the wedding post

Then I fell pregnant with my little one and wow there’s a whole world of things you can make for a baby on the net, the whole way through my pregnancy my sewing machine didn’t stop buzzing (that could be why my little one finds the sound so soothing- bless). As well as the sewing machine I spent hours on the net compiling a whole heap of patterns for baby clothes, toys and accessories and browsing through blogs and tutorials and now doing a little dabbling in my own pattern making. Which brings me to the reason for writing my blog, I learnt so much from other people’s blogs and want to give a little back and as I was, I would love to think that I could inspire or help someone else in the world of sewing and craft!

The boots I made for my little one using a pattern of my own

Looking forward to this journey of blogging and hope you look forward to reading my ramblings.