Monday, 15 August 2011

Shaving your bobbles!

So here’s my first tute (ever!) I thought I’d start off nice and easy, a nice quick little tute. I found this to be a life saver well maybe a clothes saver! So I’m passing it on and hopefully you’ll find this as handy as I have. You can use this tute to revive old clothes or to revive old material for reuse.
 Don’t you just hate it when after a couple of washes you get those horrid little bobbles on your clothes? Well here’s a trick to get rid of them off without having to go out and buy one of those fan dangled shaving thingies. It’s so simple all you need is a razor, a simple normal razor so go grab your hubbies (hehehe!) and your bobbley clothes and your ready. I recommend you only do this on tight knit fabrics.

Got your equipment? Razor? bobbley clothes?
Start by slightly stretching out your fabric, I like to pin it out on my ironing board it makes it easier and stops your fabric from shifting and creasing while you work on it.
 Now it’s as simple as gently shaving those bobbles away!

See my clear patch?
Now I did say it was simple didn’t I? Are you now thinking what I did when I was taught this ‘Why on earth didn’t I think of this’? Sometimes the simple things just pass us by and it takes someone else to point it out.
And that’s it for my first tute, hope it was useful to you and easy to read. I look forward to my next one. Until then good night x

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