Sunday, 25 September 2011

The very hungry caterpillar

While browsing round a carboot sale I stumbled across this loveable little fellow- the very hungry caterpillar!

And at 50p I snapped him right up for my little boy. Then a whole heap of fond memories of the book came flooding back- my fondness of the story and the wonderful textured pictures, my eldest sons love for the book when he was little and his first class play at school when he stood up and held his picture and recited the words ‘Then he ate through 5 oranges’ such a proud moment.
Then I was on a mission to introduce my youngest to the joy that is ‘the very hungry caterpillar’ apart from reading the book to him (and his toy) I wanted him to have something special something that he could keep/use for years to come. It took awhile to think of what I wanted then suddenly a light went on! And I knew exactly what I wanted to make and ran to collect my supplies-scraps of material from my sons unwanted jumpers for the applique and left over thick cream jersey material from a previous project and of course my beloved sewing machine. And here it is............
His bumper and blanket!

Close up!

Proof the little boy likes it, bless him he chatted away for ages to his caterpillar.

Think it was a success, fingers crossed his passion grows for the cute little character as it did for me and my eldest.

Thank you for reading x

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