Friday, 22 June 2012

Shadow box loving!

I have found a new love SHADOW BOXES! (box frames) It started with a want to be able to display my wedding cake topper I made for my wedding.  After thinking long and hard and a little searching I came across a 12x12ins shadow box, perfect! I could display it and protect it from dust and bashes and at the same time use other items from the wedding and kinda scrap book it all together. This is how it finished up-

I loved how it turned out so then I was in hunt for other stuff to shadow box, then it hit me I had hiding in a box somewhere for 13 years my sons first outfit,the 1 he came home from hospital in. It rarely came out of the box to be looked at. So thought it would be great for that to take pride and place on the wall too!

Then I had to shadow box my youngest boys first outfit too! it would be unfair not too- he he he

Then my son’s clay hand print of course!

Then I decided to make one for my husband for Christmas using his favourite outfit of our little boy’s.  I wanted it to be different and a bit special to him, I remembered seeing somewhere a superman outfit in a glass case with the words ‘BREAK IN EMERGANCY’ and as the outfit was a batman baby grow and my husband is a super hero fan what better way to do it than a smaller 8x8ins red shadow box with ‘In emergency break glass’ painted on it and a little hammer for effect.

There is one more but can’t put a pic up yet as it is a present shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, once I’ve gift wrapped and given it  to them I shall put a pic on. I’ve planned so so many more so as you can see it has become a bit of an obsession I want to shadow box everything EVERYTHING! ermmmmmmm could I fit one the kids in one? (I joke!)

PS. Tutorial coming soon for the ‘IN EMERGENCY BREAK GLASS’ shadow box.


  1. These are amazing I love em!!! Cud u fit my kid in one two while u are doing yours lol. Amazing stuff keep up the good work!!!

  2. ahh thanx, I could give it a go for you lol